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  • Thanks for your attempt in contacting me.

    Please better see me in person to chat at an event. If You can't come to an event or I was not present, my email is

    We hope you mail to us about new night club information and its address.

    I prefer it has good parking, free admission and making sure time finishes at 2 am. I prefer that you inspect the area first and then report this new night club to us.

    From there we desire to take that night club for next event.

    Thanks in advance for your participation in helping us obtaining a better night club. smile.
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  • I do not mean to tell you what you should do. But just set a standard rule about a tip percentage.

    Some prefers to pay 15 percent or 20 percent. That will be fine either. Please be responsible for your order. Someone gets away with food without pay, and then waiter might refuse to serve deaf people again.

    Without a tip, then waiter might force to add a 20 percent to your bill for tip (this treats you like someone who is criminal. This is my opinion.)

    Please show our cause to them that we are good people even though we cannot hear. Deaf people are not bad people, so are we? If not, please pay a tip by 15 or 20 percent then this will make us looking good in the front of night clubs. Thanks.
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  • Anyone wants to place a flyer on the website to be viewed by Happy Hour participants, contact James by an email with a flyer.

    Price for placing the flyer is about free only if it is part of deaf events. Other associations are welcomed to place a flyer on the website at no charge.

    Any profited company can place an advertisement about a business that helps benefiting deaf participants; the price of advertisement can be discussed through email about helping maintaining the website expense.

    Interesting? Please contact James here below through Email
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  • about

  • We are all deaf people seeking an entertainment on a Friday for happy hour association. This also includes students participating in learning Sign language and intergrating with their cultures

    My main interest is to provide a place where you can enjoy a better environment of society for happy hour.

    By improving the betterment of happy hour, we like for you to share your insight feedback about a night club and other new clubs you might think of for us to use in the future.

    Your feedback is more important to me. If you have one, please contact me or James through Email.

    And Please spread the word about BDHH to friends. Thanks.
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  • James Adeyemi
  • jamespic

    If you find some grammatical errors on the website or anything that you think I can help, don't hestitate to get a hold of me or contact me through email.

    My email is

    Thanks very much! I do apprecate your help

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